Counselling Code : B.E, M.E - 2731

Science & Humanities

About the Department

The department is striving for the enrichment of the language and providing young minds to explore the new horizons. The department facilitates to improve the ability to communicate in the chosen area. It balances the receptive skills (reading, listening) and productive skills (speaking, writing) are developed through classes and self study. It overpasses the gap from the General English to Technical English. It suggests a blend of coaching and guidance in all kind of learning environment.

Course breakdown

The scheme of the course is to make the students speak clearly, confidently and comprehensibly by adopting high communicative strategies. On top of it, to mould the students to write cohesively and coherently by using wide range of vocabulary. To make them read different genres of texts and to listen various discourses and topics.

Semester I

To enable learners of Engineering and Technology, develop their basic communicative skills in English and accentuate the development of the four fold skills of Language: LSRW among the learners of Engineering and Technology.

Semester II

To ensure that learners are made aware of and by implementing CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning), TALL (Technology Assisted Language Learning) to impart the most up-to-dated language setting. To inculcate the habit of reading and writing that leads to effective and efficient communication among the learners.

Language Laboratory

Training the learners with practical and Interactive exercises, interpreting posters, screening of animated movies, sample telephonic conversation, enhanced Non- Verbal Communication, Audio/video experts of different accents, etc.

Syllabus and Scheme
  • Communicative English
  • Technical English
  • Professional Communication
  • Interpersonal skills/Listenng &Speaking
  • Advanced Reading & Writing