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Land Scaping

Land Scaping

The college is completely covered with matured trees grown for more than 10 years. The total number of matured trees available in the college campus is 1,635 with 14 varieties of trees. Apart from the mature trees; preserving the ecology; the entire college campus is planted with various trees , flowing shrubs and bushes.

Total No. of Matured Trees available in the college campus is 1,635 which contributes for reduction of 35.6 Tons of CO2 emission/Annum

List of Matured Tree Available in the College Campus

Sl.No Name of the Tree Botanical Name Quantity
1 Navel Tree Syzygium Cumini 300
2 Vagai Tree Albizia Lebbeck 150
3 Neem Tree Azadirachta Indica 300
4 Sapota Tree Zapota Sapodilla 100
5 Arasam Tree Ficus Religiosa 10
6 Tamarid Tree Tamarindus Indica 200
7 Banyan Tree Ficus Benghalensis 05
8 Monkey Pod Tree Samanea saman 250
9 Caesalpiniaceae Tree Caesalpinia Pulcherrima 50
10 Thespesia (Portia) Thespesia Populnea 100
11 Savukku Tree Casuarina 20
12 Mimusops Elengi Sapotaceae 100
13 Aegle Marmelos Correa Rutaceae 40
14 Vitex Negundo Lamiales 10
Total 1,635

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