Counselling Code : B.E, M.E - 2731

Petrochemical Engineering

Petrochemical Engineering - Advisory Board

S.No Members Position of Members
1 Chair Person Dr. R. Kannan Prof & Head Department of Petrochemical Engineering RVS College of Engineering and Technology Contact Number : 8939944299 Email id:
2 Industry Expert Mr. K. Vimal Raj Satellite Production Supervisor Dubai Petroleum Estabishment Contact number :9704928430 Email
3 Academic Institution Dr. P. Sivakumar Assistant Professor School of petroleum Technology Pandit Deendayal Energy University, Raysan, Gujarat - 382007 Contact number :8903889995 Email
4 Parent Mr. Sam G George,Chairman,G Fumax Petrochem Private Limited,Eranakulam – 683111.Contact Number: 9400197525Email Id:
5 Alumni Mr. S. Gokulnath Assistant Manager, Acid Plant, Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd. (SPIC), Tuticorin. Contact number : 9566563536 Email id:
6 Student Mr. S. Sathikahamed ,Registration Number :712819139702,Department of Petrochemical Engineering ,Contact number : 9952767521,Email id:
7 Other Department Staff Dr. V. Sivakumar Professor & Head Department of Mechanical Engineering RVS College of Engineering and Technology Contact number : 9345061382 Email id: